Question by 4everNlove: my cat has all of a sudden started pooping on the floor?
My cats are trained to go in their litter box and have been doing so since they were kittens. My cats are now 4 yrs old (two cats). They have just been moved to live with my dad for a little while due to my living arangements. About a week ago one of them I am not sure which one started pooping on the carpet in front of the stove. They do it at night when my dad is asleep. How do I get them to stop and why all of a sudden is one of them doing this. Are they acting out from the move or are they sick. Is there something I can put in the spot to stop them from doing this. Their box is always clean and they always use the same little. Please help, my dad is starting to loose his patience with my cats.

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Answer by mel
two cats may need two seperate boxes.

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